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Cabarete, Dominican Republic

You're planning a move to the Dominican Republic, either as a part-time vacationer or full-time resident.

So why choose to live in Cabarete?

Do you like fabulous cuisine — made with fresh ingredients — from around the world? 

How about trying out a new water activity like kite surfing or stand-up paddle boarding?

Cabarete may just be your kind of place.

This small beach town on DR’s North Coast is famous as a world class location for kite and windsurfing. 

Perfect surf and wind conditions, coupled with the shelter from the reef, mean Cabarete’s shoreline is ideal for any water sport enthusiast, whether beginner or expert. 

Cabarete isn’t only a dream location for water sports though. 

Living in Cabarete, you enjoy fantastic cuisines from around the world. Tons of expats from Europe, the United States, and Canada have opened restaurants here, bringing their cuisines with them. 

Cabarete has long been a place for free spirits, retirees, and anyone looking to escape the long winter months back home. As such, it’s not crowded with all-inclusive resorts or throngs of vacationing tourists. 

Beach life, fresh, fruit, sunsets, enjoying the company of friends and family: what more do you need from a Caribbean town?

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