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Only 2 homes unsold!

Fourteen ocean view homes in the perfect location. Live, vacation or earn rental income.

Starting at $399,000.

Ocean view homes in the perfect location. Live, vacation or earn rental income.

Starting at $389,000.

Pre-sales open now.

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Kite Beach Villas for Sale in Cabarete

Own a perfect Caribbean home, right on the D.R's North Coast

Kite surfers at Kite Beach and sunset near Puerto Plata

Ocean views & beach

Every villa offers a full view of the ocean. And you're only steps to the beach!

Designed for every lifestyle

Live near Cabarete, but not right in it. You're close to amenities and town life while still enjoying quiet and privacy.

Woman walks on secluded sandy beach and scene of Cabarete nightlight

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Spacious homes. Amazing location. Great price.

Kite Beach Villas in Cabarete with ocean in distant
From $399,000

Choose from fourteen 3 and 4 bedroom villas

  • Interiors from 2,418 ft2
  • 4,800-5,400 ft2 lots
  • 2 stories
Site plan of Kite Beach Villas, showing position of 14 homes in relation to beach and ocean.
Site plan of Kite Beach Villas, showing position of 14 homes in relation to beach and ocean.

Your home, your way

Vacation home, full time residence or income property — it's your choice

Floating woman enjoying new, relaxed lifestyle

A home—or your home-away-from home

Are you looking for the perfect place to live full-time or vacation throughout the year?

At Kite Beach Villas, enjoy privacy away from the hustle and bustle. 

Though you're close enough to walk to it whenever you want!

The ideal income property

Are you looking for an affordable property with great potential ROI?

Invest and rent out in the heart of the booming North Coast tourist region.

Turnkey property management is available so you can earn rental income—hassle-free!.

Athletic middle-aged gentleman with kite surfing gear on beach

Location, location, location

Kite Beach Villas is only a few minutes from Cabarete and just 20 minutes to Puerto Plata's international airport.

Map showing North Coast and location ofKite Beach Villas in relation to Puerto Plata, Sosua and Cabarete

Kite Beach Villas near Cabarete, Dominican Republic

Ocean view living at an affordable price

Row of luxury villas with Kite Beach and ocean in distance
Kite Beach Villas in Cabarete, Dominican Republic

3 bedroom villa:  $399,000

  • Area: 2,418 square feet
  • Lot Size: approx. 4,800 to 5,400 square feet
  • 2 stories
  • 3 full + 1 half bathroom
  • Pool, garden and terrace
  • Parking for two vehicles
  • Polished coralina tile throughout, a stone native to the Caribbean
Kite Beach Villas in Cabarete with ocean in distant

4 bedroom villa: $419,000

  • Lot Size: approx. 4,800 to 5,400 square feet
  • 4 full + 2 half bathrooms
  • 2 stories
  • Pool, garden and terrace
  • Parking for two vehicles
  • Polished coralina tile throughout, a stone native to the Caribbean

Kite Beach Villas–not your typical development

Across from the beach, not on it

Just across the road, so priced at a third of what they'd cost if  right on the beach. That's a huge boost to the return on your investment!

Quality-controlled construction

Built by a reputable construction firm...AND directly overseen by the project owner, a builder and developer from the United States.

Optional solar power

Each home is wired for solar power as an upgrade, so you're not dependent upon anyone else for you electricity.

Turnkey property management

Everything you need to maintain your home, whether you use it as an income property or residence.

Pre-sales open now!

Your new home at Kite Beach Villas is ready to be built. 

It's a simple process to build your new home:

  1. Reserve your lot.
  2. Construction starts within 30 days of deposit payment.
  3. Your new home is ready in 6-8 months.

We're here to guide you the entire way.

Construction has already started on the first villas.

Construction has started on 4 villas at Kite Beach Villas

Lots have been raised and levelled and construction is moving along on the first four buyers' villas.

Discover Kite Beach Villas: Your Dream Caribbean Retreat in Cabarete, Dominican Republic

Venture into the idyllic setting of Kite Beach Villas, a prestigious community of ocean-view homes nestled in the radiant heart of the Dominican Republic. As only a few villas are left unsold, now is the perfect opportunity to secure a dream home in this paradisiacal Caribbean location.

Immerse in the Enchanting Kite Beach Villas Lifestyle

Kite Beach Villas are strategically located amid immaculate beaches and sparkling turquoise waters. This location offers a unique fusion of comfort, elegance, and tranquility that caters to both the adventure seekers and those looking for some peace and quiet. From here, let's explore the community dynamics this development offers.

The Joys of a Thriving Community

Kite Beach Villas isn’t just a residential development; it's a bustling community offering a rich, fulfilling lifestyle. Positioned on the North Coast of the Dominican Republic, the villas are just the right distance from the vibrant beachtown of Cabarete. This proximity allows you to enjoy local amenities and activities, yet also provides the calm and privacy you might desire. Given the community's exciting features, let's delve deeper into what the villas themselves offer.

Villas Tailored to Complement Your Lifestyle

Every villa at Kite Beach, an embodiment of architectural elegance, is designed with a keen eye for detail and functionality. The generously spaced 3 and 4-bedroom villas span over 2,418 square feet, offering ample room for your comfort and convenience. Each villa's design elements not only elevate its visual appeal but also create a welcoming atmosphere for its residents. Let's now turn to the elements of luxury incorporated within these homes.

Luxury Living at Its Finest

Every Kite Beach Villa boasts a modern, fully-equipped kitchen, a delight for any culinary enthusiast. The spacious and opulent interiors, coupled with mesmerizing ocean views, make each villa a personal haven of luxury. Living at Kite Beach Villas means having an everyday experience that feels like an exclusive getaway. Moving from indoor luxury, let's see what outdoor delights await you.

Revel in Nature's Splendor

Each villa's lot size ranges between 4,800-5,400 square feet, providing substantial outdoor space to enjoy. Whether it's a sun-kissed morning breakfast or a starlit evening barbecue, your private garden, pool, and terrace create an ambiance of relaxation and peace. With the outdoor features explained, let's discuss how you can customize your villa to suit your needs.

Make Your Villa Truly Yours

Kite Beach Villas offers flexibility to make your home align with your personal tastes and lifestyle needs. Whether you want a vacation home, a full-time residence, or an income property, Kite Beach Villas can accommodate your vision. The customization options here ensure your home feels truly your own. Beyond just the homes, Kite Beach Villas also promises a lifestyle of leisure.

Crafted for Leisure Lovers

Imagine a life of leisure where your most challenging decision is whether to bask on the near beach or relax in your private pool. Kite Beach Villas caters to this dream lifestyle by offering homes that sync seamlessly with a laid-back, leisure-oriented life. While this place is a perfect leisure destination, it also offers significant investment opportunities.

Investment Potential at Kite Beach Villas

With a rapidly growing tourism industry, the North Coast region of the Dominican Republic is brimming with investment opportunities. Kite Beach Villas, with its excellent property management services, ensures that your investment is not only hassle-free but also offers significant ROI potential. From being a smart investment, Kite Beach Villas is also in a prime location.

Value-Adding Location of Kite Beach Villas

Situated just minutes away from Cabarete and only 20 minutes from Puerto Plata's international airport, Kite Beach Villas' location adds immense value to your investment. Its convenience enhances your living experience by providing easy access to the best the region has to offer. While location is an advantage, affordability is another key attribute of Kite Beach Villas.

Affordable Luxury at Kite Beach Villas

Kite Beach Villas redefine affordable luxury by offering ocean view living at an unparalleled price. The 3-bedroom villa starts at $389,000 and the 4-bedroom villa at $419,000. Each villa features polished coralina tile flooring, a classic touch of Caribbean architectural charm. As we discuss affordability, let's also shed light on the quality you can expect at Kite Beach Villas.

Unmatched Quality You Can Trust

Under the watchful eyes of a US builder and developer, each villa at Kite Beach guarantees high-quality construction and finishing. This stringent quality assurance ensures that you get nothing short of the best. Beyond offering quality homes, Kite Beach Villas is also a proponent of sustainable living.

Sustainable Living at Kite Beach Villas

Every villa is designed to support a solar power upgrade, making you self-sufficient for electricity. This eco-friendly approach mirrors Kite Beach Villas' commitment to sustainable living and environmental responsibility. Now that we've covered sustainability, let's see how you can make a Kite Beach Villa your home.

Become a Proud Owner at Kite Beach Villas Today

Grasp this golden opportunity to own your dream home at Kite Beach Villas. Reserve your lot, initiate construction within 30 days of deposit payment, and in just 6-8 months, your dream home will be ready. The Kite Beach Villas team is always ready to guide you through each step. Finally, let's consider how our local guide program can help you.

Gain Insights with Our Comprehensive Buyer's Guide

To support your home-buying journey at Kite Beach Villas, we are delighted to provide our comprehensive Buyer's Guide. Tailored to answer all your questions and provide vital information about your potential new home, this guide serves as your local expert in digital format.

The Buyer's Guide offers detailed insights into the location of Kite Beach Villas, precise specifications of the villas, a clear payment schedule, and much more to assist you in your decision-making process.

To access this valuable resource, simply enter your full name and your best email address. Click "Yes, send me the Buyer's Guide," and you'll receive this 10-page guide right in your inbox. Let this guide serve as your first step towards owning a villa in the paradisiacal Kite Beach.

Act Now: Limited Kite Beach Villas for Sale

With only a few Kite Beach Villas left for sale, now is the time to act. Whether it's the top-notch design, the active community, the stunning views, or the potential for a smart investment, Kite Beach Villas is the answer to your Caribbean dream home. Become a part of the Kite Beach Villas community today and start living the Caribbean lifestyle you've always yearned for.

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