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Two quality-built real estate projects in Dominican Republic

Exclusive to Dreaming D.R!
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Two quality-built real estate projects in Dominican Republic

Exclusive to Dreaming D.R!

DreamingD.R. — live your Dominican Republic dream

Find the best real estate & investment opportunities in the Dominican Republic

Part-time vacation home? Full-time residence? Investment property? Whatever you're looking for, there's a perfect home for you in the Dominican Republic.

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Buying & owning property in the D.R. (Dominican Republic)

There are lots of great reasons to own property in the Dominican Republic.

Not only can you enjoy an amazing tropical climate year-round, you can live a comfortable lifestyle — at an affordable price. 

Plus, the government wants foreigners to invest in dominican republic in the local economy, so offers several financial incentives to help you make the move.

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Real estate on the DR's ( Dominican Republic ) North Coast

If you're looking for a relaxed island vibe, the North Coast is your place.

And with the tourism economy getting ready to boom in the north, it's a great time to invest in property there.

Explore communities on the North Coast

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DreamingDR listings: Find your ideal Dominican Republic property, from Cabarete beachfront condos to luxurious Punta Cana homes

Only select properties available for sale in the Dominican Republic. Find your dream home on the North Coast or in the Punta Cana region.

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Buying & living in the Dominican Republic

Find your dream home with Dreaming D.R.

Upgrade your lifestyle in the Dominican Republic 

Imagine living a more relaxed lifestyle under a tropical sun — yet still have access to all the comforts of home. 

That's what life in the DR (Dominican Republic) offers — and at an affordable price.

All about the Dominican lifestyle

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Retirement in the Dominican Republic

Dreaming of retiring in the Dominican Republic?

Our content hub has everything you need to know, from financial planning to healthcare to lifestyle activities.

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Retire in the Dominican Republic to learn more today!

Foreigners are welcome to apply for residency in the Dominican

Get Informed with DreamingDR: Knowledge, how-to guides, and expert advice for successful real estate investment in the Dominican Republic

How do you figure out if a home in the DR is the right move? That's where we come in: Our job at Dreaming DR is to help you make an informed decision. 

To this end, we've created a trove of useful information for you. See Dominican Republic RESOURCES, GUIDES & INFORMATION

Our site is designed to be your main resource, where you can earn all about buying, owning and living in the DR. For example learn about healthcare in the dominican republic

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Dreaming DR is your guide to the Dominican Republic

About DreamingDR

DreamingDR in Sosua: your trusted guide to find your dream Dominican Home

Making the move to the DR involves a few steps. It'll be much easier and you'll be more successful with the right people guiding you.

That's us! 

We moved here once too, and will share our experience and knowledge so you do it the right way. 

Who we are and what we do

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with DreamingDR: Your Essential Companion for Dominican Republic Real Estate Adventure 

Embark on Your DreamingDR Journey: 

From Learning About the Dominican Paradise to diving into real estate opportunities

Step 1: Your Introduction to the Dominican Republic - Discover the Allure of Home Ownership in Paradise

First, we'll help you become familiar with the Dominican Republic and why it's a great place to own a home.

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Step 2: Diving Deeper - Understanding the Ins and Outs of Real Estate Investment in the Dominican Republic

Once you've settled on why a home in the DR is right for you, you're ready to get more in-depth. We'll help you understand the buying process, tax incentives, residency options and other important details.

Step 3: Experience It Firsthand - Embark on a Real Estate Tour to Discover Your Dream Dominican Home"

For those serious about buying a home in the Dominican Republic, we've designed a real estate tour. See firsthand what homes are available, plus experience day-to-day life here.

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Find your perfect home in the D.R. (Dominican Republic)