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You Deserve to Live the Caribbean Lifestyle

Over 6.5 million people visited the Dominican Republic in 2018, making it the number 1 tourist destination in the entire Caribbean.

They come for the vibrant culture and beautiful climate. They stay for the low cost of living and efficient real estate market.

And THE place to be on this not-so-little island?

The place to be is fast becoming the DR’s North Coast.


Caribbean Lifestyle, Latin American Prices

Daily Necessities

Everything You Need to Live Life Comfortably

From basic necessities to high-end luxury, you won’t have to go without.

Almost everything you might want is within reach.

In fact, with a large number of American, Canadian and European expats living on the North Coast, there are more amenities and services available here than elsewhere in the Caribbean.

  • Modern supermarkets stocked with many of the products you already use back home.
  • Pharmacies with brand name and prescription medications
  • Restaurants offering you a choice of dozens of international cuisines
  • Stores to buy furniture and furnishings for your home
  • World-class medical facilities with high-end technologies and English speaking staffs

On the North Coast, You’re Never Far from Surf & Sand

No matter where you live on the North Coast, you’re only ever a short drive—or short walk—from a beautiful beach.

Each beach offers something a little different, whether perfect surf for water sports at Kite Beach or relaxing nightlife on Cabarete Beach.

  • Kite Beach: World famous as a kite-surfing mecca. Great for both beginners and experienced kite surfers. Take lessons from any of the world-class schools located nearby.
  • Playa Alicia: There are only a few restaurants and cafes above this wide, blond stretch of sand. So it’s a great place to catch a quiet swim or private sunset.
  • Encuentro Beach: World-class surfing, with consistent winds years round.
  • Cabarete Beach: So much to do, day or night, along this beautiful 1-mile long stretch of sand. During the day, enjoy swimming and water sports in crystal-clear waters calmed by the nearby reef. At night, dine, drink and relax at any of the two-dozen bars and restaurants on the beach.

Water Activities

The DR’s North Coast has long been a hotspot for water sports and other activities.

It’s easy to see why…

From Puerto Plata to Cabarete, you’ll find a wide range of water conditions, from epic waves and wind to pristine reefs and tranquil bays.

There’s world-class surfing, wind surfing and kite surfing, perfect for hard-core enthusiasts AND beginners alike.

You can also enjoy snorkelling, scuba diving and even whale watching.

Whether you love being on the water—or prefer to watch from shore—you can make the ocean a part of your new DR lifestyle.

Newbie? No Problem!

These activities aren’t just for experienced athletes.

No matter your age or skill level, you too can take up a new activity. Take it as casually or seriously as you like—your new DR lifestyle is entirely up to you!

From kite surfing to snorkelling or paddle boarding, any beginner can learn the basics with the right instruction.

Pick your water activity and you’ll find a school run by English-speaking, professional instructors who can show you the ropes in a relaxed, comfortable setting.

Water sports and other activities for every level of experience at Cabarete Beach, from kite surfing to horseback riding

Enjoy World-Class Golf Any Day of the Year

How would you like to play golf a couple of times a week, even in the middle of February? Or better yet, why not hit the links everyday?

You can when you’re living the DR lifestyle!

There are 26 golf courses in the Dominican Republic, each with spectacular oceanside holes and mountain vistas. This includes 86 sea-facing holes and 39 ocean-side holes.

At least seven of these courses regularly make Golf Week Magazine’s list of Top 50 courses in the Caribbean and Mexico.

The official tourism site for the DR has more information about golf on the island.

There are three high-end golf courses on the North Coast for you to play regularly.

Which one will become your number one course?

Tax Incentives

Expect a Warm Welcome

It’s not just the locals who will greet you with warm smiles. The Dominican Republic has rolled out the red carpet for foreigners.

Whether you’re looking for a vacation home or a place to move, you’ll be warmly welcomed here on the North Coast.

Get your residency status and you qualify for various perks, benefits, and tax breaks. It’s a short, simple process to get your residency—and even easier if you’re a retiree.

There are many tax incentives in place for foreigners.

The real estate market here is similar to North America’s. Rules are followed and strongly enforced. So if you own a home, you’ve got the full protection of the law.

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