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Real Estate for Sale in Dominican Republic

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Homeowners relax by pool at new villa in Dominican Republic
DR Properties

Real Estate for Sale in Dominican Republic

Find your dream home.

Why own real estate in the Dominican Republic?

More and more Americans and Canadians are choosing to buy homes in the Dominican Republic. There are lots of great reasons why; here are a few:

The tropical climate & sunny weather

When you own a home in the DR, you can escape miserable winters and enjoy endless summer. Instead of shovelling snow you're wearing flip flops and barbecuing on the patio — even in January!

The DR is a tropical island. The weather is beautiful all year round. The average temperature during the day hovers around 77°F (25°C). And 300+ days of sunshine a year is hard to beat. 

There's a home for every budget

In the Dominican Republic, the selection of homes ranges from 1 bedroom condos to luxurious estate villas. Prices start at US$69,000.

A typical 2 bedroom villa is around $150K-$250K.

The lifestyle

Relax Caribbean island style. Enjoy an active, outdoor life. Immerse yourself in a new culture and history.

The Dominican Republic is a big island. 

Whatever lifestyle you're looking for, it's possible here.

Low cost of living

Your hard-earned money goes further here. Enjoy a Caribbean lifestyle—at Latin American prices.

Modern Villa for Sale in Sosua

Find a home to suit your dream lifestyle

Beautiful homes, beautiful island.

6 key things to know about homes in the Dominican Republic 

Fully titled properties

Just like in North America, you have full title to the property you own.

Quality construction

The best home builders build using quality materials and  workmanship.

Available financing

Buyers can often finance part of their home purchase, with bank and in-house options.

Affordable ocean views

In the DR, homes near the ocean are still affordable to the average buyer.

No time-sharing

All homes are individually purchased and owned by a single owner.

North American design

Homes are built with modern layouts and design suited to North American tastes.

Real Estate on the North Coast

New infrastructure

The government, as well as big players in the tourism industry, are investing heavily in the area. From roads to harbours and hotels, new infrastructure continues to be built.

Easy-going vibe

The North Coast is less built-up than in the South. There's less bustle. It's the perfect place to reset and relax.


Thanks to geographic good luck, hurricanes veer away from the North Coast. 

Large expat community

Foreigners have been settling on the North Coast for decades. You'll be able to escape to paradise, yet still feel right at home. 

Buying property in the Dominican Republic

You can do it. And it's easier than you might think.

Buying a home here is just like in North America

The real estate market in Dominican Republic is similar to the market in the US or Canada. 

Buying property here is streamlined and straightforward—and your investment is secure.

In the DR, real estate works like it does in North America.

Furthermore, because the Dominican Republic is a stable democracy with rule of law. The rules are respected and enforced.

You have full ownership of your property

When foreigners buy real estate in many Caribbean countries, as well as Mexico, they don't always have full legal ownership of their properties. 

It's not like that in the Dominican Republic:

  • When you buy a house, you have full legal title to both the building and the land.
  • Similarly, when you buy a condo, you have full legal tile on the individual unit.
  • There are no “bank trusts” or “leases” on properties—you're the sole registered owner.

Foreigners get lots of incentives to buy property in the DR

The government of the Dominican Republic has laid out a red carpet to welcome foreigners. 

  • Take advantage of various tax incentives
  • Fast-track your residency status
  • Keep your pension
  • And more...

Your new home in the Dominican Republic

Part-time vacation home? Full-time residence? Investment property? Whatever you're looking for, there's a home in DR for you.

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