Real Estate for Sale in the Dominican Republic

Buy North Coast Property—Gated, Ocean View & Hurricane-Free

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real estate for sale in the dominican republic

Buy North Coast Property—Gated, Ocean View & Hurricane-Free

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Buy Your Own Beautiful Villa or Condo in the Caribbean

Choose select real estate on the North Coast of the Dominican Republic. All homes are reviewed and approved by our real estate experts. 

There's a home for every budget: prices range from $69,000–$850,000. Please note: these homes are NOT timeshares. Owners have full title and ownership of their property.


Gated property developments on the DR's North Coast, offering a wide range of homes and prices for every budget.

Real Estate Listings

A select list of individual homes, condos and lots for sale on the DR's North Coast. 

There's Property on the DR's North Coast Just for You

Villas and condos to suit every taste, lifestyle and budget. The choice is yours! 

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different locations

Oceanfront, ocean view or hillside. By the beach. In town or near town. In the heart of it all or tucked away. 

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different lifestyles

From developments with resort-style amenities to those offering greater privacy and seclusion. 

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Types of homes

These villas, condos and apartments are available in a wide range of sizes and styles.

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types of build

Purchase a new home ready for move-in or a previously owned resale. Or, buy a lot and build your own custom home.

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1, 2, 3 or 4 bedroom homes are typical. Larger homes with 5 or more bedrooms are also available.

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price range

Beautiful 1 and 2 bedroom condos starting at $69K. High-end luxury condos right on the ocean from $349K. Villas in the $200's, $300's and higher.

All communities are within 30 minutes of Puerto Plata’s international airport, within reach of the beach towns of Sosua and Cabarete.

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Retire Affordably to the DR’s North Coast

The Real Estate Market in the DR is Just Like North America

Wondering how you buy property in the Dominican Republic? If you're an American or Canadian, buying a home in the DR is just like back home. 

Buying property here is streamlined and straightforward—and your investment is secure.

When foreigners buy real estate in many Caribbean countries, as well as Mexico, they don't always have full legal ownership of their properties. 

It's not like that in the Dominican Republic.

In the DR, real estate works like it does in North America.

  • When you buy a house, you have full legal title to both the building and the land. Similarly, when you buy a condo, you have full legal tile on the individual unit.
  • There are no “bank trusts” or “leases” on properties—you're the sole registered owner.
  • Furthermore, because the Dominican Republic is a stable democracy with rule of law, the rules are respected and enforced.
Why Not Check Out the DR's North Coast?

See for Yourself. Take a Tour.

  • Visit the best property developments along the coast
  • Experience the relaxing, comfortable lifestyle firsthand
  • Flight/accomodations packages available

Take a Tour

When you visit for a Tour, we'll take you to see a variety of different homes and developments.

All are within secure, gated developments. And we only deal with quality-built, well managed developments. 

And...absolutely NO timeshares.

The price for a home?

We can show you a range of options to suit every budget.

  • Beautiful 1 and 2 bedroom condos starting at $69K
  • High-end luxury condos right on the ocean from $349K
  • Villas in the $200's, $300's and higher

We'll help you narrow down your choices and pick your perfect home.

  • Type of home: villa, condo or apartment
  • Type of build: New build ready for move-in, resale, or even custom-built on empty land
  • Different views: Close to the water, ocean view or mountain view
  • Type of community: From developments with resort-style amenities to those offering greater privacy
  • Number of rooms: Choose from 1, 2, 3, 4 or more bedrooms

When you buy in the right development (that is, one with the proper tax exemptions), you can save a lot of money.

  • No transfer tax for first time buyers (save 3%)
  • No income tax on rental income
  • No tax on furnishings (save 18%)
  • No property tax on the first (approximately) $150,000 value of your property

With all these tax breaks, you can save several thousand dollars on your purchase, as well as save more money each year you own your home.

The Dreaming DR team knows which properties can offer these tax breaks—and which don't. 

We'll make sure you're able to take full advantage, saving you lots of money.