The Dominican Republic

The Dominican Republic

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The Place

It’s Booming on the North Coast

Ever since Columbus came ashore in 1493, the Dominican Republic has been a place where worlds mix.

It’s this melange of African, European, North American, and Latin cultures that makes the DR so appealing to foreigners.

Over 5 million people visited the island in 2012, making it the number 1 tourist destination in the entire Caribbean.

They come for the vibrant culture and beautiful climate. They stay for the low cost of living and efficient real estate market.

And THE place to be on this not-so-little island?

The place to be is fast becoming the DR’s North Coast.

Getting There

Paradise Within Easy Reach

Think that a relaxed island lifestyle is too far from home?

Think again.

From the eastern part of North America, fly here in 4 hours or less.

You can catch a flight first thing in the morning and be on a tropical beach by afternoon. It’s really that close!

  • Miami: 1 hour
  • Atlanta: 2 hours
  • Charlotte, NC: 3 hours
  • New York City: 3.5 hours
  • Boston: 3.5 hours
  • Toronto: 4 hours
  • Montreal, Ottawa, Halifax: 4.5 hours

From Western Europe, it’s 8 or 9 hours.

No matter where you depart, you’ll soon arrive at Puerto Plata’s modern, yet comfortably sized, international airport.

And then from there, you can be at your villa in 20 minutes.


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Looking for Adventure? Dont’ Worry, It’ll Find You!

You’ll never be bored on the North Coast.

From Puerto Plata to Sosua, Cabarete and beyond, there’s an entire world to discover.

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Living Here

Expect a Warm Welcome

It’s not just the locals who will greet you with warm smiles. The Dominican Republic has rolled out the red carpet for foreigners.

Whether you’re looking for a vacation home or a place to move, you’ll be warmly welcomed here on the North Coast.

Get your residency status and you qualify for various perks, benefits, and tax breaks. It’s a short, simple process to get your residency—and even easier if you’re a retiree.

There are many tax incentives in place for foreigners.

The real estate market here is similar to North America’s. Rules are followed and strongly enforced. So if you own a home, you’ve got the full protection of the law.

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