Now is the Perfect Time to Invest in Property on the Dominican's North Coast

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Over the past few years, a lot of positive changes have been happening along the DR's North Coast from Puerto Plata to Sosua and Cabarete. The tourism industry and government see the huge potential and are pouring big dollars into the region.

If you're looking for a smart investment opportunity, take a close look at the DR's fabulous North Coast.


Once a 2-Star Destination, the DR's North Coast is Becoming a 4/5-Star Locale

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Big changes have been happening on the North Coast of Dominican Republic over the past few years. Once a 2 or 3-star destination, the North Coast is fast becoming a 4-star and 5-star locale, both for tourists and those looking to buy a home or invest.

The tourism industry has recognized the booming potential, and has made—and continues to make—major renovations and upgrades to hotels, resorts and other tourism infrastructure. 

As more and more people visit the DR for longer stays, there's also been a shift in focus away from standard hotels towards more investment in villa and condo developments.

Dreaming DR's William Peguero, who has been an investor and advisor in the hospitality industry for two decades, outlines these changes and why it's a great time to invest in North Coast property.

William Peguero, hospitality industry investor

"On the North Coast, there's so much to see and do. Here, you can meet real people and experience real culture. And you see a different mentality compared to the cities, the capital. It's more open minded, more open arms."

William Peguero

Hospitality Industry Investor


Cruise Lines Betting Big on the DR's North Coast 

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Major cruise lines like Carnival and Caribbean have recognized the huge potential of the Dominican Republic's North Coast.

The port at San Felipe, Puerto Plata is going to become a home port, meaning passengers will embark and disembark there. This means that within a year, a million new visitors will be arriving in Puerto Plata each year.

The cruise lines, as well as the government, have are making major investments in infrastructure. And the tourism industry is also investing heavily in anticipation of the huge influx of tourists to the this video

Dreaming DR's William Peguero, a long-time investor in the hospitality industry, talks about what the changes mean for the North Coast and why it's a great time to invest in property there.

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William Peguero, hospitality industry investor

"Just imagine what a million [cruise ship] passengers will do for the economy of this market."

William Peguero

Hospitality Industry Investor

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