3 Unforgettable Day Trips Near Puerto Plata & Sosua


Swim in the shallow key that is Paradise Island. Explore the seven waterfalls of Damajagua. Climb to the top of Mount Isabel de Torres.

Each of these fabulous places is within reach of your home on the North Coast of the Dominican Republic.

Flowers bloom poolside as sun sets over Atlantic Ocean
Day Trip 1

Paradise Island at Cayo Arena

Cayo Arena is Spanish for Sand Key. It's a perfect name.

The small key, made entirely of coral, sits only a few meters above sea level. It's surrounded by spectacular white sand beaches and crystal clear waters that shimmer aquamarine under the Caribbean sun.

The rest of the island is a beautiful stretch of lush tropical vegetation, surrounded by the darker blue of the Atlantic Ocean.

Cayo Arena, surrounded by shallow turquoise waters

Sail out to Cayo Arena for the day and enjoy swimming in the shallow, turquoise waters

Hitch a ride to the key with local fishermen or with tour operators in the area. Boats leave from the small fishing village of Punta Rucia to the key. In a fast boat, it's s a short 30-minute ride.

Transportation cost to the key plus a typical Dominican lunch served right on the beach will cost between US$35-60 per person.

And if you want, you can even stay overnight at one of the thatched-roof huts.

Day Trip 2

Damajagua Falls

Amongst the rolling hills of the Northern Corridor mountain range, Mother Nature etched over two dozen awe-inspiring pools from the limestone rock.

Imagine climbing a natural waterfall and then sliding or jumping into the crystal blue water beneath.

At Damajagua Falls, you can enjoy a day of adventure in the rainforest, only an hour from our properties.

It’s an easy hike to the top of the cliffs.

And with 27 different waterfalls, everyone from beginners to expert rock climbers will can enjoy the trip.

A trained guide will take you through the forest and up to the top of the cliffs. Everyone wears helmets and life jackets. You’ll need around four hours to make it to the 27th waterfall and back.

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Day Trip 3

Mount Isabel de Torres

Mount Isabel de Torres overlooks the city of Puerto Plata.

There are stunning views of the city from the top of the mountain. To get to the top, most people either drive or take the cable car to the summit.

Cable car from Mt. Isabel, overlooking Puerto Plata

Hike up Mt. Isabel de Torres and catch the cable car on the way down while enjoying spectacular views of Puerto Plata and the ocean.

If you're looking for a bigger challenge, consider hiking the trail to the summit. The trail is steep in some places (2400 vertical foot ascent), but is only about 2.5 miles long. So if you're in reasonably good condition, you can complete it in a couple of hours.

Along the way, you can enjoy a botanical gardens, as well as paths offshooting the main trail leading to springs and hidden caves.

On the way down, you can hike back or take the cable car and enjoy spectacular views of Puerto Plata.

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