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View of Playa Dorada from above, showing beach, homes and golf course

Key Facts About Homes on the North Coast

  • Important: All properties in the Dominican Republic have full legal title. Which means, when you buy property here you have full ownership. (This isn't always the case in other countries in the Caribbean and Central America.)

price range

Typically, for a 2 or 3 bedroom home on the North Coast you can expect to pay US$200,000-300,000. 

The price can vary based on size of the home and quality of the build, as well as proximity to the ocean and to tourist locations.

types of homes

Villas and condos are both available, in styes ranging from traditional Caribbean to modern design. 

You can buy a new home that's just been built, or a previously owned home (resale). You can also purchase land and build a custom home.


Most residential communities are located within a half hour drive of the Puerto Plata airport.

Some developments are right on the ocean. Many properties offer ocean and mountain views.

construction & DESign

The best developers here on the North Coast build homes to a North American level of quality.

These builders use high-end materials and finishes, and offer layouts designed to suit North American tastes.


Most of the top developments offer financing, usually for 40-50% of the purchase price. It's possible to finance up to 65% in some cases.

Interest rates are typically 5-6%.

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What Does Your Dream Home Look Like?

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With Dreaming DR as Your Guide, You'll Find the Home That's Right for You

Years ago, we were searching for a way to upgrade our lifestyle and our life. 

We wanted to escape the long, cold winters, to unwind, and to make life more interesting. While not stretching our budget doing it. 

So we settled on the DR's North Coast and are living our dream.

Christine Maclean
Lead Real Estate Agent

Dreaming DR

Our Philosophy

Our goal is help people live and enjoy the same dream. We want happy clients who become our friends. 

That's why we match people with the home that's best for them, not the homes that pay the highest commissions. 

Our Expertise

Like any place, on the DR's North Coast there's good construction and there's not-so-good construction.

We've seen it all. We know what to look for and which questions to ask. As your guide, we'll make sure you only consider well-built homes constructed using only the best methods and materials.

Steve Van Ryswyk, DR real estate expert
Steve Van Ryswyk
Dominican Property Expert

Dreaming DR

Our Experience

When we moved to the DR from Canada, we made all the mistakes. It cost us time and money. Thankfully, we learned from the experience. 

And now, we can pass those lessons on to you.

With our help, you can avoid making the same mistakes by doing things the smart way. 

How We Help

  1. Your Dream Home: We'll help you find the perfect home in your ideal community—and at the right price.
  2. New Lifestyle: We'll help you adapt to and ease into a new lifestyle on the North Coast.

New villa owners Marie Eve & Mike
"We loved the DR but were unsure how to buy property there. So we took the tour with Dreaming DR. By the end of the week, we felt super confident about buying and knew exactly which home we wanted!" – Marie Eve & Mike from Canada

Are you ready to upgrade your lifestyle now? Dreaming DR is ready to help.

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Real Estate in the DR: Just Like in North America

Backyard and pool of Las Palmas villa located in Sosua Ocean Village

The real estate market in the Dominican Republic is structured like it is in North American. There are rules and they're strictly enforced. 

Which means as a property owner you have full legal protection

2 key points to note:

  1.  The DR has a fully regulated system of land titles (this isn’t the case in a lot of other places in the Caribbean and in Mexico.)
  2. The process to buy a home is similar too.

Every property has a title that spells out who specifically own it. When you buy a property, your name goes on that title.

In other words, you have full legal ownership of both the house and the land, or for a condo, full ownership of the unit.

Healthcare & Insurance

Exterior of Centro Medico

Centro Medico is a modern hospital near Cabarete that caters to the healthcare needs of foreigners living on the North Coast.

In the Dominican Republic you have access to quality medical care.

Doctors and other medical staff are well-trained and speak English. They're often educated abroad, mostly in the United States. 

The country has such a high level of expertise that it's a leader in medical tourism. Many foreigners visit for high-end medical treatments, including laser surgeries and dentistry.

Healthcare Facilities

For everything from emergency services to MRIs, you can visit the private hospital in Cabarete. 

It's a modern facility owned and operated by a brain surgeon from Argentina and his American wife. It caters to the many expats living on the North Coast. There are various specialists on-site.

Major surgeries and more specialized services are available at the large hospital in Santiago, only an hour south.

Health Insurance

As an expat in the Dominican Republic, you’ll need private health insurance or complementary insurance to fill any gaps in your current coverage.

Are you ready to upgrade your lifestyle now? Dreaming DR is ready to help.

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