About Us: Who is Dreaming DR Dominican Republic?

We love the DR's North Coast. We'd love to show you why it's such a great place—and help you find your own little piece of paradise!

Couple jumping into pool and their more relaxed lifestyle

Jump in! Discover a new, more relaxed lifestyle in the Dominican Republic. Why not take the plunge?

At Dreaming DR, we have one mission:

To help people discover a better, more relaxed lifestyle in the Dominican Republic.

A better lifestyle, whether you visit regularly or move full time to the DR.

And we want YOU to find your own little piece of paradise. 

We're your best resource to make the dream a reality.

Dreaming DR Will Be Your Guide, Helping You to: 

  • Find the perfect vacation home on the DR's North Coast. 
  • Navigate through the process of buying property.
  • Adapt comfortably to your new lifestyle here in the DR.

The Criteria We Use to Select Properties

We only show prospective buyers the best homes. Here's how we vet and select which ones to feature. 

View of ocean from Seawinds balcony

This could be the view from your balcony! Pictured here is a condo at Seawinds, a luxury apartment complex near Cabarete, Dominican Republic.

Dreaming DR knows real estate in the Dominican Republic.

We find quality-built homes in gated developments on the DR’s North Coast.

How do we select properties?

We have extremely specific criteria:

  • Well-managed by reputable developers
  • Safe and secure, within gated developments
  • Built to the highest construction standards
  • Designed for North American tastes
  • Luxury finishes at affordable prices

Our Stellar, Knowledgable & Just Plain Friendly Team

Steve Van Ryswyk, DR real estate expert

Steve Van Ryswyk


Steve has extensive experience managing property developments in the DR. He understands what's needed for a residential vacation community to meet the needs of its residents. Every property on our select list must meet his exacting standards.

Headshot of Christine MacLean

Christine MacLean

real estate expert

Everybody in real estate on the North Coast knows Christine. She's just that well-connected. Her expertise, determination, and loyalty to clients is legendary. She's got an uncanny eye for value and an nose for great investment opportunities. She's a great ally and friend to have.

Headshot John Macaulay of Dreaming DR

John Macaulay

Outreach & Education

When you connect with us, John will likely be your first point of contact. If you're thinking—or are intrigued—about owning a DR vacation home, he'll get you the information you need. It won't take long before you'll share his excitement about the North Coast too!

A Few Backstories

We're not originally from the Dominican Republic. Each of us made the move (or wants to make the move) because we've fallen in love with the the North Coast—its people, the scenery, the weather, and the way of life.

Christine MacLean's Story

When Christine arrived here almost seven years ago, she was stressed and burned out.

Building two successful businesses back in Canada with Steve (Steve Van Ryswyk, also with Dreaming DR) had taken its toll.  

The ocean breezes and Caribbean sunshine finally gave her a new perspective. She immediately saw the possibilities:

First, to change her lifestyle AND her life. To shift gears and reboot. 

And second, to help people just like her and Steve to invest in a real estate market with a TON of potential

You see, Christine has a knack for quickly sussing out an opportunity.

She’s not afraid to ask hard questions. She connects easily with people. She’s extremely loyal, going all out when she has committed to help someone.

Needless to say, she quickly became one of the most successful real estate agents on the North Coast. 

Now, everybody here who’s connected to real estate knows about (and wants to know!) this fiery redhead who gets things done.

Since arriving in the DR, Christine has:

  • Helped dozens of Canadians, Americans and Europeans find their dream home in paradise. She continues to call many of them friends. 
  • Connected with the best property developers and property managers.
  • Built a Facebook group of over 10,000 fans, who love her day-to-day take on life and real estate in the DR.
And now, she’s one of your main contacts on the ground in the DR.

Steve Van Ryswyk's Story

Steve wasn’t immediately sold on the idea of buying property in the DR. 

As much as he hated the long Canadian winters, he wasn’t about to just throw away his furry boots for sandals. 

Yeah sure, with running two businesses, he was just as stressed and burned out as Christine. 

But Steve isn’t one to just jump into something. 

He first needs to be convinced. He needs to do his due diligence, to consider the facts and digest them slowly.

So he stayed back in Canada to streamline the family businesses, while visiting the DR regularly.

He saw how much Christine was enjoying her new lifestyle and the success she was having with real estate. 

He also learned about the viable investment opportunities and the tourism boom growing on the North Coast. 

It took him over two years to gradually come around to the idea.

Finally, he was ready.

He moved to the DR permanently in 2017. He became director of sales and marketing for one of the largest residential communities for expats and vacationers. This position gave him a direct line to the real estate market.

He understands what foreigners living in the DR expect and need from their residential community. Put another way, he knows what to look for when reviewing and vetting properties for our clients.

This past summer, we convinced him to join wife Christine full time at Dreaming DR. 

He’s also looking forward to having a bit more time to finally take some kite surfing lessons.

Maybe you can join him!

Night time on rooftop with ocean in distance
Steve Van Ryswyk, DR real estate expert
Headshot of Christine MacLean

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